Monthly Archives: June 2015

Airport Mesa Sedona Vortex

Airport Mesa Sedona Vortex Airport Mesa in Sedona is one of the best spots to watch the sunset in town. It is also very popular, so get here early if you want to share your romantic evening with dozens of other people. Seriously though, this is a must see spot. The area is beautiful to…
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Tlaquepaque Sedona Shopping

Tlaquepaque Shopping Tlaquepaque Sedona Shopping The Tlaquepaque Sedona shopping village is named after a suburb in Guadalajara, Mexico. This touristy shopping area has cobblestone pathways and water fountains. It gives  the impression of you are walking through a spanish village. Tlaquepaque is home to 40+ art galleries, boutique shops, cafes and restaurants. While some may find…
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Cathedral Rock in Sedona

Cathedral Rock Cathedral Rock in Sedona Crescent Moon park is one of our favorite parks in Sedona. If you are looking for a great view of Cathedral Rock in Sedona stop by this park, it is on the west side of Sedona. This park has nice paved sidewalks to walk along or you can take…
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