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Grasshopper Point | Swimming Holes in Sedona Arizona

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Swimming Holes

Grasshopper Point:

There are few things more fun than finding a great swimming hole to refresh you from the heat of the desert. Oak Creek is a beautiful area of Sedona and has some great swimming holes. Some easier to get to than others. Grasshopper Point is fairly well known, so like Slide Rock it is crowded on the weekends. There are a limited number of parking spaces, so get there early or be prepared to wait for someone to leave for you to enter. The cost is $8 per vehicle.

Once you find your parking spot you just follow the sounds of splashing down a short path that starts out paved and then becomes rocky. The swimming hole is rocky, so swim shoes/sandals are a good idea.

To your left Oak Creek Canyon is flowing over large slippery boulders creating a small rapid and the water then falls into the swimming hole and continues downstream. There are several rocks above that people jump off of as a nature's diving boards. If you want the swimming hole to yourself, go during the week.

Swimming holes are a great way to spend a hot summer day. Just use caution/common sense when jumping from the rocks and know that the water is quite cold even in July. Have fun swimming and exploring Oak Creek.

Address: North 89A
Directions: Drive through Uptown Sedona North 89A. Soon after you cross over Midgley Bridge Then, soon after you will see a parks and recreation hut to the right and a road that leads down to the creek. It is labeled "Grasshopper Point". Turn right here

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