Arizona Weather What to Expect

Arizona Weather What to Expect

Most people think of hot and dry  desert when they think of Arizona weather. However, weather in Arizona varies greatly depending on what part of the state you are visiting and what time of year.

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Weather in Phoenix Arizona and Southern Arizona

Central and Southern Arizona temps in spring are generally warm (high 70's and 80's, but can be much cooler at night low 40's or 50's).

Summer temps expect hot and dry (100+ degrees are normal and a few days at 120 degrees is fairly common too)

Sunny Phoenix

Weather in Flagstaff Arizona and Grand Canyon

If you are visiting Northern Arizona summer temps are around 80 degrees. Winter averages around 40 degrees, dipping into single digits at night.

Many visitors do not realize Arizona can get that cold. If you visiting in the winter bring appropriate attire, and enjoy the Arizona snow. Be sure to dress for cooler weather if you are visiting the Grand Canyon.

Snow in Northern Arizona

Snow in Northern Arizona

The state's precipitation varies. In Flagstaff the annual average precipitation is 18.31 inches and in  Phoenix  it averages 7.64 inches.

Phoenix Arizona Weather and Average Temperatures

January Weather

Average high temperature: 66
Average low temperature: 41
It is not uncommon in January to hit freezing temps overnight (cover your sensitive plants). January is the official "Winter" month in Phoenix

February Weather

Average high temperature: 70
Average low temperature: 44
February warms up, as the official winter month is over. February is a beautiful month to visit Phoenix.

March Weather

Average high temperature: 75
Average low temperature: 49
March is a beautiful month to visit. The desert gardens and wildflowers will start to bloom late this month.

April Weather

Average high temperature: 84
Average low temperature: 55
April is another gorgeous month in Phoenix. The flowers are in full bloom in April.

May Weather

Average high temperature: 93
Average low temperature: 64
Starting to get warm, but still great weather

June Weather

Average high temperature: 103
Average low temperature: 72
It is getting hot now and time for swimming in the pool or visiting one of Arizona's many lakes.

July Weather

Average high temperature: 105
Average low temperature: 80
July's hot weather brings great rates on hotels. Monsoon season officially begins in July. Monsoon season begins after the third consecutive day of dew points above 55 degrees.

August Weather

Average high temperature: 103
Average low temperature: 79
August is hot, bring your swimsuit. You will see great rates on hotels.

September Weather

Average high temperature: 99
Average low temperature: 72
September days are warm, nights are much cooler. Most residents will stop using their pools in September.

October Weather

Average high temperature: 88
Average low temperature: 61
October is still quite warm, however the evenings are  beautiful. Leaves will start to change a golden hue this time of year, and once in awhile you will see some beautiful red colors. Visit Sedona's West Fork Hiking Trail for some incredible fall colors.

November Weather

Average high temperature: 75
Average low temperature: 48
November may be sunny or rainy.  The leaves are at their fall peak in Southern Arizona in November. Visit Boyce Thompson Arboretum to see the Chinese Pistachio in it's glory.

December Weather

Average high temperature: 66
Average low temperature: 42
December can be beautiful and sunny. It can also be cloudy and rainy.

Best Months to Visit

What is the best month to visit Arizona? This is a really subjective question. However the best months, in my opinion, are February - April.  The weather can be beautiful in October too, but some years it has been pretty warm in October too.