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Chloride Ghost Town

Chloride Arizona Ghost Town Chloride was a mining town in the late 1800's. More than 50 mines operated around the small town of Chloride producing gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc. Chloride Visiting today, it is hard to believe this dusty town was once bustling and 2,000 people once called this tiny town home. Today…
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Taliesen West Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Winter home

Taliesin west West Visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Winter Home Taliesen West is famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright's winter home. It is a fascinating tour and a popular Scottsdale attraction. Wright's first Taliesin was built in Spring Green, Wisconsin. Taliesin (pronounced tally-essen) West was the winter home for Frank Lloyd Wright, his third wife, and a small…
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Hike Piestewa Peak

Hike Piestewa Peak Phoenix metro area has some incredible mountains to hike. Piestewa Peak is one of the most popular urban trails in Arizona. With more than 4,000 hikers each week, the Summit Trail is not really a spot to commune with nature. It is an incredible urban hike with fantastic views. Just don't expect…
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