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Phoenix Attractions and things to see in Arizona on Vacation

Pueblo Grande Museum Native American Ruins

Pueblo Grande Museum Native American Ruins The Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix is best to visit on a cool day since most of the points of interest are located outside. It is just one area an individual can view Native American Indian Ruins. Experience what it was like to be a Hohokam. Before you tour…
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Arizona Natural History Museum

Arizona Natural History Museum The Arizona Museum of Natural History is one of our kids favorite museums. It has the best collection of dinosaurs in Arizona. This museum is in Mesa. Museum of Natural History When you enter the lobby you will be greeted by a collection of large mammoths, a mastodon, a one-toed horse, and…
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Visit Mystery Castle in Phoenix

Visit Mystery Castle in Phoenix Not really a castle, but a very odd and cool house built in the early 1930's. The house sits on South Mountain with a beautiful view of Phoenix. If you like to tour old homes or historic type buildings this is an interesting house to tour. Boyce Gulley obtained the…
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