Top 9 Native American Indian Ruins in Arizona

Top 9 Arizona Native American Indian Ruins

Many tourists visit Arizona to experience the history of the state and this includes a visit to Arizona Native American Indian Ruins. Do you want to view and explore ruins in the southwest? A glimpse of ancient history is scattered throughout the state.

Arizona Native American Indian Ruins

  1. Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve (formerly the Deer Valley Rock Art Center)
  2. Pueblo Grande Museum
  3. Casa Grande Ruins
  4. Montezuma Castle
  5. Tuzigoot National Monument
  6. Ruins of Palatki
  7. Walnut Canyon
  8. Wupatki National Monument
  9. Tusayan Ruin

Phoenix Area Native American Indian Ruins

There a few places in the Phoenix metro area to view these archaeological attractions. If you want to see petroglyphs stop by the  Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve It is in north Phoenix. Tucked away behind the neighborhoods you will find  the best collection of petroglyphs preserved in an urban city.

Deer Valley Petroglyphs

Deer Valley Petroglyphs

Pueblo Grande Museum is  in downtown Phoenix. This interesting museum is built next to native archaeological ruins. The Pueblo Grande Museum is best to visit on a cool day since most of the points of interest are located outside.

Native American Ruins

Casa Grande Ruins are just southeast of Phoenix. This national monument preserves a group of Hohokam structures abandoned in the mid 1400's. The "big house" is the 4 story caliche structure that still stands centuries after it was built.

North Central Arizona Native American Indian Ruins

Central Arizona, including the Verde Valley and the Sedona area, is home to several Native American Indian ruins. Montezuma Castle is  in the Verde Valley. Early discoverers believed Aztecs built this castle for Montezuma. However,  it was later learned the Aztecs were never this far north. Consequently, Montezuma's Castle is the most visibly well preserved Sinagua complex in Arizona.



Tuzigoot National Monument is in the Verde Valley. Visit this scenic spot and see the remnants of one of the largest pueblos built by the Sinagua.


Ruins of Palatki are in Sedona. Here you can view ancient Sinagua ruins as well as petroglphs.

Northern Arizona Native American Indian Ruins

Northern Arizona, including  Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, is home to several Native American Indian ruins.

Walnut Canyon is just east of Flagstaff. The Sinagua dwellings here date back  700 years.

Walnut canyon

Wupatki National Monument  was a large farming community surrounded by small dwellings. In it's peak, Archaeologists believe the Wupatki Pueblo was home to more than 2,000 people during the 1100's.

arizona native american indian ruins

Wupatki Ball Court

Tusayan Ruin is near the east entrance of the Grand Canyon. This Native American ruin gives you a  glimpse of how the Pueblo Indians lived some 800 years ago.

Tusayan Ruin