Hike Lava River Cave in Flagstaff

Hike Lava River Cave in Flagstaff

The Lava River Cave is 14 miles north of Flagstaff. You will drive down paved road US 180 and continue on two unpaved forest roads to reach the cave. There are no facilities in this area, so it is wise to plan accordingly. Once you reach the parking area and a short walk through the trees to reach the cave.

Lava Cave Entrance

Inside the Lava River Cave

The cave is cold even in the summer there was ice inside when we visited. So it is a good idea to wear long sleeves and jeans. It is also very dark you will need a flashlight, but a headlamps are even better.

Inside Lava Cave

Inside Lava Cave

We had 30 lumen headlamps and a small flashlight and this worked well for us. It is nice to be able to have your hands free.

It is really uneven inside, so a good pair of hiking boots would prevent twisted ankles.

The cave is about 3/4 of a mile to the end, with one way in and one way out. This "tube" cave formed from hardened molten lave hundreds of thousands of years ago. This is a really cool hike, especially in the summer.

Don't forget to duck

If you are looking for something different and a fun hike you will not forget this is a great one to experience. The kids loved it.

Leaving the cave

Leaving the cave

Location: Flagstaff,AZ
Directions: From Flagstaff, take US 180 like you are going to Snowbowl, continue on and turn left at Forest Road 245 (dirt road) drive for 3 miles, then turn left on FR171 and drive 1 mile to cave.

Fees: Free

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