Visit Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is a day trip from Las Vegas or a stop on the way from northern Arizona to Nevada. If you are in the area it is worth the trip to see Hoover Dam. You can view the Hoover Dam from several different vantage points.

Visitors can drive across Hoover Dam, park and walk around, and take an inside tour of the dam. The bypass allows  visitors to walk across the bridge to view Hoover Dam from hundreds of feet above.

Hoover Dam

Note: the road that drives over the Hoover Dam no longer connects on the Arizona side, it is a dead end. You can still drive over the Hoover Dam, but you will have to turn around in the last parking lot and drive back over it to get back on the Highway.

Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge

The Hoover Dam Bypass saves visitors many hours of driving time. The bridge  is an incredible feat to see.  It is the 2nd highest bridge in the United States. Over 800 feet above the Colorado River a person has incredible views from the walkway of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. The construction started in early 2005, and was completed in October of 2010.

Hoover Dam Bypass

Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge

Things to Do at Hoover Dam

  • Walk across the walkway to see the Dam from above
  • Take a Tour of the Dam
  • Walk on top of the Dam

With the addition of the Hoover Dam Bypass a new pull out area has been created for different vantage points of Lake Mead and the Dam.

The new bridge has such a high barrier on either side that it is possible a person who was not paying attention wouldn't notice they were driving over Lake Mead. Be sure to pull off into the gravel parking lot and take the walk up to the bridge.

Turbines inside Hoover Dam

Turbines inside Hoover Dam

You can also choose to drive across the dam and tour inside of it. The construction of this massive dam is impressive. If possible take the forty minute guided tours. You get a better understanding of the history of the dam.  It is fascination to see the dam from the inside and learn about the people who built it.  

I have included photos of the dam from the years 2000- present. This area has undergone some tremendous changes over the years.

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