Things to do in Payson

Payson Arizona Vacation | Things to do in Payson

The heart of Arizona's Rim Country is Payson. This beautiful area is surrounded by national forest. Cooler temperatures attract thousands of visitors each year. Payson is a popular spot for Phoenix residents to visit during the summer.

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

Payson is home to several lakes, forests of  ponderosa pines, and the White Mountains. This area has some incredible hiking opportunities. Payson is a favored destination for nature lovers.  What's even better is that Payson is just a short drive from Phoenix. Take the Beeline Hwy (87) for about 90 miles and you are on your way to cooler temps and some beautiful vistas.

Things to do in Payson

Payson is best known for the beautiful Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. If you are visiting Payson do not miss this natural attraction. The park hides one of Arizona's treasured spots, the Tonoto Natural Bridge.

The Tonto Natural Bridge is the largest natural travertine bridge  in the world. This gem is surrounded by trees and  offers great hiking and photography opportunities.

Payson Hikes

In addition, Payson's forest of towering pine trees, cool lakes, creeks and waterfalls create some fantastic hiking trails. Some of the prettiest hikes include:

Scenic Drive in Rim Country

View from Mongollan Rim

View from Mogollon Rim

If you don't feel like hiking, take a drive on Rim Road to see some awesome views from Mogollon Rim.

The Mongollon Rim region is nestled in the Tonto National Forest. Characterized by high limestone and sandstone cliffs, the

Woods Canyon Lake is a popular and easily accessible lake at the edge of the Mogollon Rim. Woods Canyon lake offers  swimming, boating and fishing opportunities. Nearby campgrounds offer plenty of hiking choices as well. Payson is one of our favorite places to  camp and enjoy the outdoors.