Phoenix Waterpark Wet N Wild

Phoenix Waterpark Wet N Wild

As everyone knows it is hot here in the summer, so when we heard they gave the old waterpark north of Phoenix an overhaul we went to check it out. Wet N Wild, according to all of the local newspapers, spent some 30 million dollars to add to the existing park. We have visited several times over the years now since the expansion.

Tornado Ride

Tornado Ride

Wet N Wild Waterpark in Phoenix is a great start and it is the best water park in the state. We've been complaining for years that the city lacked a good waterpark.

While the new slides are awesome, there are too few of them. If you've ever visited waterparks  in other states you will wonder why this park is so small.

Expect long lines just like any amusement or water park. Long lines are to be expected, but it is 110 degrees here in the summer shade.  The park could use some more misters to keep the people waiting in line cool. Definitely wear swim shoes or sandals as the ground is way too hot to be barefoot.

Fun Rides at the Water Park

Our Favorite Rides:

  • Maximum Velocity - Dueling H20 Coaster
  • Tornado
  • Raging River
  • Mammoth Slide


Maximum Velocity – Dueling H2O Coaster  is a fun ride. You have to be over 48" to ride it and when we went (on the weekend) this was a 45 minute wait, but it was fun.

This ride is located next to the wave pool and near the Serpentine Complex of slides. If you want to ride the Maximum Velocity ride you need to get a double tube which are located to the far right of the group of trees. If you want to get a single tube and ride down the other slides in this area you would be standing in the line to your left (closest to the wave pool)

Double tube riders stay to your left in line and go up the stairs towards the back, single tube riders stay to the right of the line and go up the stairs in front of you.

The Tornado Ride is fun.

Raging River is a great family tube ride (4 people max) that allows smaller kids 42" to have a blast as well.

The Mammoth slide (the yellow one) is a great family tube ride as well and it shoots you down, then up and then finally down into the pool.

Mammoth Slide

Mammoth Slide


Areas for Smaller Children

If you have smaller kids the Playground area with multiple water slides and tipping buckets was great fun and a perfect spot to cool off if you're tired of waiting in line.

Overall, The kids gave the park a thumbs up and us adults would too, hopefully they will keep expanding.

Boogie Board Beach is a great area geared towards younger kids under 42".

Tips: This park is designed for adults and kids over 42" in height. You can get your hand stamped, leave and return later in the day if you wish.

Save $$ The only place I've seen discount tickets is in the Valu pac mailings and at local fast food places.

Location:4243 W. Pinnacle Peak Road Glendale, AZ. From Phoenix you would take I-17 North and get off at the Pinnacle Peak exit.
Hours: They are open daily through the summer and weekends only end of August-October.
Tickets: $29.99-$38.99 as of 2013
Parking: $7.00, Lockers: $8.00-$10.00 gives you two wristbands to access locker throughout the day

Company Website: Wet N Wild Waterpark

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