Arizona Natural History Museum

Arizona Natural History Museum

The Arizona Museum of Natural History is one of our kids favorite museums. It has the best collection of dinosaurs in Arizona. This museum is in Mesa.

Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural History

When you enter the lobby you will be greeted by a collection of large mammoths, a mastodon, a one-toed horse, and fossils of turtles. From here you can then view the main attraction: Dinosaurs!

Walk to the right to view Dinosaur Hall, Dinosaur Mountain, and Gems & Minerals.

Walk to the left to view more dinosaurs and an exhibit dedicated to NASA and space exploration.

Or you can walk straight ahead to see the Arizona in Movies Exhibit, the Ancient Cultures of Mexico exhibit, the Territorial Jail and the Lost Dutchman cave.

Exhibits at the Natural History Museum include:

azhistorymuseum08Dinosaur Hall is where you can view a full size Tyrannosaurus Rex and Zuni Coelurosaur that were found near the Arizona/New Mexico border. See the Camarasaurus , touch the bone of a Apatosaurus, view a Protoceratops, and Triceratops as well as many others. You will be in dinosaur heaven!

azhistorymuseum03Dinosaur Mountain this multi-level exhibit features a mountain with dinosaurs atop, listen to the roars of the past and hear the rushing waterfall that happens every 20 minutes.

The Walk Through Time gallery takes you back in time to the formation of rocks and minerals, through time you can view mammal-like reptiles.

See the Postosuchus and Placerias, animals that lived in the "petrified forest" millions of years ago.

azhistorymuseum04In addition to these exhibits,  there are several other exhibits where you can learn about the environment, the southwest culture, and what it was like to live in Arizona years ago.

Learn the difference between rocks and minerals. Find out how the different types of rocks are formed.

You can also see how life was for the early inhabitants of Arizona. Learn about the Paleoindian hunters who lived here over 13,000 years ago and the Hohokam farmers that operated until A.D. 1450 in the Southwest Culture exhibit.

Enter the doorway to Mesoamerican cultures and learn about the Ancient Cultures of Mexico.

Old West Arizona - Pan for Gold

Panning for Gold

Panning for Gold

Kids also really enjoy the outdoor courtyard where they can pan for gold and explore a mine similar to those living in the old west.

Save $$ If you are a Maricopa County resident with a public library card you can check out a Culture Pass for this activity and get two free admissions. This makes our list of Family Fun Activites in Phoenix.


Location: Mesa
Address:53 N. Macdonald Mesa, AZ
Directions:One block north of Main Street in downtown Mesa. Take US 60 or 202 to Country Club Drive, go to Main Street, and proceed one-half mile east to Macdonald

Cost:$10 for adults, $6.00 for Kids (3+), kids under 3 free

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