Places to Eat in Phoenix

Places to Eat in Phoenix

Valle Luna

Why Chosen? This is the best Sonoran style Mexican food I have eaten in Phoenix so far.

Best Time to Go: Lunch or Dinner

Fun for Kids: Warm chips and Salsa makes it fun for everyone.

What to Order? Anything is good, but I go for the Enchiladas

Address: 33rd Ave & Bell Phoenix, AZ

MacAlpine's Soda Fountain

Mac Alpine

Mac Alpine

Why Chosen? A taste of Arizona history

Best Time to go? Anytime

Fun for the Kids? Of course it is, they serve ice cream! The restaurant is attached to an antique store and filled with memorbilia.

What to Order? MacAlpine Soda Fountain is a great spot to go back in time and taste cherry soda, chocolate malts and sundaes the way they did in the thirties and forties. Very cool that they sell "Phosphate" flavored soda water and citric acid.

Address: 2303 N. 7th Street Phoenix, AZ

Rustler's Rooste

Sunset from Rustler's Rooste

Sunset from Rustler's Rooste

Why Chosen? Laid Back Atmosphere with panorama views of downtown phoenix, McDowell Mountains and 4 peaks. There is plenty of outdoor space to take in the view.

Best Time to Go: Right before the sun sets, make a reservation to get a seat with a view

Fun for Kids: Yes! Rustler's Rooste has an indoor slide that is popular with the kids and a short magic performance (they come to your table) will entertain you while you wait for your food.

What to Order? The restaurant is known for their steaks, so this is what we suggest that you order. While you're here try the rattlesnake as an appetizer!

Address: 8383 S. 48th Street Phoenix,AZ

Places to Eat in Flagstaff

La Fonda Mexican Restaurant


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