Pueblo Grande Museum Native American Ruins

Pueblo Grande Museum Native American Ruins

The Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix is best to visit on a cool day since most of the points of interest are located outside. It is just one area an individual can view Native American Indian Ruins. Experience what it was like to be a Hohokam. Before you tour the ruins, watch the short video that can be played inside the theater room to get a brief overview of the Hohokam people.

Pueblo Museum Entrance

Inside there is a also a hands on exhibit for kids, a gallery about the land and the people and a museum store. Outside are the incredible archaeological finds of how the Hohokam people lived here in Phoenix so long ago. This museum is an important part of the history of modern day Phoenix.

Phoenix Arizona Native American Ruins

Native American Ruins

Native American Ruins

The outside trail (accessible for both wheelchairs and strollers) is 2/3 of a mile and will take you past several important ruins starting from the latest to the earliest.

The first part of the trail winds around the platform mound and will eventually lead you up to the top where you can view see several ruins dating back to the 14th century including the Jackal Room.

Adobe House

Adobe House

Continuing along the trail you will come to a replica of a later style Hohokam home called an Adobe.

You will notice that the homes were surrounded by walls. You can go inside one of the homes and see what home was like to the Hohokam people.

These homes would have been popular in the 13th century. This is one of the more interesting spots for the kids!



Replicated pit-houses are the next on the trail. These were popular style homes in AD 950. Another popular spot for the kids! You can go inside a pit-house to see what home was like so many centuries ago.

Towards the end of the trail you will view one of the few excavated and preserved ball courts. Thought to have been used from AD 750 well into the 12th century.

You can also view replica gardens to show what the Hohokam people would have planted in their own gardens here in the southwest desert.

After experiencing Pueblo Grande museum a person cannot walk away without learning  the Hohokam were very hard working and ingenuitive people. From the ashes of this civilization modern day Phoenix arose.

Location: Downtown Phoenix
Address:4619 E. Washington Street, Phoenix AZ
Directions:located on the southeast corner of 44th Street and Washington
Hours and Cost: Closed on Sundays & Mondays May-Sept. Adults admission $5, Kids $3, Kids under the age of 6 free

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