Visit Phoenix Arizona Rosson House

Visit Phoenix Arizona Rosson House

Phoenix is a relatively new city and as such it doesn't have that many prominent historical buildings. The Rosson house museum is special because it is one of the few surviving buildings from the original town site of Phoenix.

Inside the Phoenix Historic House

Victorian architecture in the desert. This historical house  was built in 1895 . Ten residential structures from the original town site of Phoenix has been preserved at Heritage Square.

Rosson House

Rosson House

The tour is about 30 minutes long. It has all the detail you would expect from a Victorian style home. The tin ceilings, wood flooring and built in cabinets are beautiful. You will see the main level as well as the upstairs. They do not give tours in the attic or 3rd floor area.

The Rosson Home was the first home in Arizona to have indoor plumbing. The bathtub in the home has wood trim around the top. This feature was considered a luxury at the time the house was built. The wood kept the top of the tub warm to the touch.

Forest's Carriage House

Forest's Carriage House is of interest because it is one of the original buildings in Phoenix dating back to the 1800's. The Carriage House is the only building on block 14 of Heritage Square that was moved there. Now the Carriage House is a gift shop and also the spot to buy tickets to see the Rosson House Museum.

Carriage House

Carriage House.

Lath House Pavilion

The Lath House pavilion, built in 1980 to host events, is behind the Rosson House. You can walk through a small botanical conservatory.

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Location: Downtown Phoenix (Heritage Square)
Address:4619 E. Washington Street, Phoenix AZ
Directions:7th st & Washington Downtown Phoenix
Hours:Open 10-4 Wed-Sat, 12-4 on Sundays Adults admission $5, Kids $3, Kids under the age of 6 free

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