Visit Arizona Science Center

Arizona Science Center

Arizona Science Center

Visit Arizona Science Center

The Arizona Science Center is a terrific spot for kids to enjoy over 350 hands on exhibits. With over 40,000 square feet to explore, a Planetarium and a giant IMAX® Theater you can easily spend several hours at this interactive Arizona museum.

The Planetarium was more enjoyable than I expected and the kids really liked the experience of feeling like they were moving through space. They encourage the audience to ask questions throughout.

From its humble beginnings in 1984, the Arizona Science Center has become one of the top attractions in Phoenix. There are four floors, the fourth floor resembles more of like a hallway exhibit.

Permanent exhibits inside the Arizona Science Center

  • Many Hands Make  a Home
  • All About You
  • Psychology
  • Fab Lab
  • The World Around You
  • How We Live With the Sun
  • Forces of Nature
  • My Digital World
  • Get Charged Up
  • Music Landing

Water Gears

Many Hands Make a Home: explores the materials and processes necessary to build a home in the Arizona desert.

All About You: Learn about human life, the physiology of moving, the mechanisms of healing, patterns of learning and remembering and new biotechnologies.

Psychology: An exhibit on human psychology. Learn about personal space,enter The Echo Chamber to learn about sound waves.

Fab Lab: This is a fun exhibit where you can experiment with basic forces such as gravity, electricity, friction and magnetism.

The World Around You: Explore the world around you with exhibits on geology, mining, aerospace activities, water, weather, and energy conservation.

How We Live With the Sun: interactive experiences that engage you to explore how we are affected by the sun,experiment with heat and electricity and learn about alternative ways to obtain energy using the sun and tips for energy conservation.

Forces of Nature: Next to the visit to the Planetarium this was our kids favorite spot! Every 15 minutes you can experience first hand what it is like in some forces of nature including hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, volcanic eruptions and monsoons. Surround sound, realistic physical effects and a motion-floor system, the 5 minute experiences will put you right in the center of the action. You will experience the ground shake, heat lamps, wind, and rain. There is also an interactive, exhibit zone where to experiment with science focused on land, water and air.

My Digital World:have fun exploring our digital world filled with wireless devices,digital art shows, digital imagery, digital networks You can even build your own radio!

Get Charged Up: Another popular exhibit with the kids, figure out how things work in this fun exhibit where you can lie on a bed of 1,000 nails, build your own electric circuit, go for a ride on a pulley powered chair, or play tug of war.

Music Landing: hands on exhibit dedicated to music and sound.

Each year the center offers several traveling exhibits as well.

Save $$ The Entertainment book often has two for one coupons for this activity. So do the local magazines

Phone: 602-716-2000 Location: Phoenix (Heritage & Science Park) Address: 600 East Washington Street

Hours: Open 10-5 $9 for adults, $7.00 for Kids (over 3), kids under 3 free Website:

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