Taliesen West Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Winter home

Taliesin west West Visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Winter Home

Taliesen West is famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright's winter home. It is a fascinating tour and a popular Scottsdale attraction. Wright's first Taliesin was built in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

Taliesin (pronounced tally-essen) West was the winter home for Frank Lloyd Wright, his third wife, and a small group of architects who came out to the Arizona desert soon after the Great Depression.

Pool at Taliesen West

With little money his wife suggested he teach and lecture others about architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright built Taliesin West (40,000 square feet of living space) for around $10,000.

Frank Lloyd Wright liked to see his work as Organic Architecture. He designed them to blend in with nature.

None of the buildings are taller than the tallest Palo Verde Tree. As you approach Taliesin West the buildings are really not even visible.

His designs are unique. The thought process Wright put into the designs are incredible. The tour was enjoyable and informative, our tour guide was a student there at the school.

Inside this Scottsdale Attraction:

We took the Insight Tour which was 2 hours in length (says 90 min, but we were there for full 2 hours).

This tour shows you several theaters, the pools, sculpture garden, Frank Lloyd Wrights office, his bedroom, the Garden Room, and other areas.

See if you can guess where the front entrance to the home is!

The door

The door

There are several tours to choose from. Most start every hour on the hour.
Frank Lloyd Wright was a visionary. He designed his houses as works of art. You can see the modern, organic and oriental designed combined in a visually unique way.

Inside Taliesen

Inside Taliesen

I love the way he played with light and the fact that none of the rooms are square. They call it "deconstructing the box." All of the rooms in the home are angled. The entryways are narrow with angled roofs designed to keep people moving into the main room.
The tour is fascinating tour and what an incredible house.

taliesin06You may also be interested in visiting Paolo Soler'si, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, studio of handmade wind chimes

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Phone:(480) 860-2700 ext. 494
Location: Scottsdale
Address: 12621 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive Scottsdale,AZ
Directions:Intersection of Cactus Rd. and Frank Lloyd Wright Scottsdale, AZ
Hours: 9-4 Closed on New Year's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. Adults admission $27-$60 depending on tour
Website: http://www.franklloydwright.org

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