Schnebly Hill Adventure

Schnebly Hill Adventure

Schnebly Hill road should be on your list of things to do in Sedona if you are looking for adventure.

Vacation in Sedona is about all about nature and the fantastic views. Schnebly Hill is a popular drive for Sedona jeep tours.

While you can choose to take a guided jeep tour, with a proper vehicle ( SUV, Hummer or Jeep) Schnebly Hill road can be a fun inexpensive  off the beaten path adventure. The dirt roads are extremely rutted and wind around high cliffs with no guardrails, so if this is not something you feel comfortable doing, take a guided Jeep tour.

Schnebly Hill Adventure

What to expect?

Away from the hustle of uptown Sedona, Schnebly Hill Rd is just outside the Gallery District on 179. Climbing your way up to part of the Mongollon Rim, the paved road will turn into a dirt road, which was once used by the early pioneers of Sedona and is considered the old wagon trail.

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This road has severe ruts. If you choose to make this journey you will find yourself winding around some of the best panoramic views of the Sedona area.

Winding around for several miles you will reach the Schnebly Hill Vista at 7,500 foot elevation this trail offers impressive views. A large gravel pull off area known as Schnebly Hill Vista will let you take in the stunning views. There are no guardrails in this area, so be careful.

Rutted road



From this point you can choose to drive back the way you came, or follow the dirt road forward into the pine filled forest and you will be led to I-17 and can make your way from there.

Travel Time: 2 hours round trip


Sedona is a gorgeous area, you may want to explore some other popular spots as well.

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