Slide Rock Park Natural Waterslide

Slide Rock Park Natural Waterslide

Slide Rock Park, a natural rock water slide carved by nature,  is one of the most popular spots to cool off  in Sedona, Arizona.

If you are visiting Sedona, take a short hike to this cool natural attraction. What use to be home to the Pendley's Homestead and Apple Orchard is now a tourist destination. The parks has large grassy open areas, perfect for a picnic. You will have beautiful red rocks as your backdrop.

What to See at Slide Rock Park

Remnants of the old homestead such as the old water wheel, cabins, and barn can be seen while you make your way down the winding path towards the main attraction, veer to the right at the end of the path near the old apple picking barn and walk down the stairs to reach a chilly natural rock water slide adjacent to the original homestead.

Slide Rock Park

Not too far to your left you will spot the popular spot to slide down into the cold water.

Down below, across the footbridge and to your right is a deeper part of the water that is a popular spot to fish for Rainbow Trout in Oak Creek.

Walking further to your left and pass the water slide there are plenty of less crowded spots to enjoy nature and Oak Creek. Even in Summer the water is COLD and the rocks are slippery so wearing shoes is not a bad idea.

There is a gift shop as well as restrooms at this park.

Address:6871 N. Highway 89A
Hours: 8-5 in Winter, 8-7 in the Summer . (928) 282-3034
Fees: Range from $8.00-$10.00 per car
Good to Know: Dogs are allowed in the park, but they are not allowed by the water. Go early, in the summer this place fills up quick and lines of cars to get in is not uncommon. Call ahead if you are making a special trip to Sedona to visit Slide Rock Park. The state will periodically close down the park when bacteria is too high in the water. Call the Water Hotline: (602) 542-0202

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