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Where to Go Sledding in Arizona

Where to go Sledding in Arizona Looking to play in the snow? Yes, you can go sledding in Arizona. Arizona has some great spots to go sledding and tubing. We even have good old fashion sleigh rides.  Grab your winter coats and take the kids to see the snow. There are several great spots in…
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Skiing and Snowboarding in Arizona

Skiing and Snowboarding in Arizona There are several areas to enjoy the snow in Arizona, including Flagstaff, Tucson and Greer. Imagine skiing, snowboarding, or sledding in the morning and playing golf the same evening. Now you may have so much fun playing in the snow that you won't have time for golf on the same…
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Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff

Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff Lowell Observatory is an active astronomical observatory, and is where Pluto was discovered. The observatory is in Flagstaff and a drive up to it offers some great views of the city. Interactive museum During the day, tours are offered of the grounds.  There is also a small museum inside. In the…
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