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Chiricahua National Park

Chiricahua National Park Located outside of Wilcox, Chiricahua National Park is a stunning park. It is often referred to as a "Wonderland of Rocks." The Chiricahua National Park is located in southeastern Arizona about 80 miles from Tucson. The park is about 30 miles outside of Wilcox, so it is in a pretty remote area.…
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Old Tucson Studios Old West

Old Tucson Studios | Old West Old Tucson Studios was originally created in the late 1930's as a replica of 1860's old western town of Tucson for a movie set. In the 1960's it was restored and reopened as both a film studio and a family friendly tourist attraction. Today you can see old movie memorabilia,buildings…
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Visit the Sonoran Desert Museum

A guest at the Sonoran Desert Museum Visit the Sonoran Desert Museum If you are in the area don't miss this Tucson gem! The Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum is one of the top attractions in Tucson. Not just a zoo, but a botanical garden and a museum as well. This unique attraction gives you incredible…
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