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Prescott is one of Arizona's old western towns.  It is known for it's cowboy feel and is home to the world's oldest rodeo. The rodeo has been held annually since 1888.

At an elevation of over 5,000 feet it is cooler than Phoenix and has a nice downtown anchored by a large shaded park surrounding the courthouse.

Prescott Courthouse

Prescott Courthouse

Things to do in Prescott

One of the most popular spots to visit here is Whiskey Row, a one block area downtown known for being home to 40 saloons in the 1800's. The popular block burned in 1900. The majority of the buildings were constructed shortly after.

Whiskey Row is now home to several bars, specialty shops, and restaurants.  When walking down Whiskey Row, don't forget to take a walk down the cobblestone path to visit some local shops. Visitors can dress up in old west clothing and have an old time photo taken.

Whiskey Row

Whiskey Row

Prescott Lakes & Hiking

Prescott is also home to several beautiful lakes and hiking trails.  Some of the lakes include:

Watson Lake

Watson Lake is a small, but very scenic lake. Visitors can hike around the giant granite boulders or rent a kayak to explore the coves on the lake. In addition, there is a campground.

However, you cannot swim in the lake, and it takes about an hour to kayak.

If you would like to hike, pay the small entrance fee to the park and drive to the end of the road.

If you came to the lake to kayak, turn down the road to your right. This will take you to the parking lot and to an area where you can rent kayaks. You can rent single and double kayaks by the hour or by the day.

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