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Arizona Vacation | Visit Arizona Travel Attractions | What to do in Arizona

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What can you do on your Arizona Vacation?

Plenty! We have been busy visiting places here for years. Here are some of the top Arizona tourist attractions in the state!

Visit Arizona

We live here and enjoy the southwest. Our goal is to connect you with the travel guide information you need to create your own vacation memories


Welcome To Arizona

Welcome to Arizona. This website is a compilation of our adventures in and around Phoenix and the rest of the beautiful Grand Canyon state. Arizona is a geologically fascinating state and a great spot to vacation.

arizona vacation

Places to See in Arizona

Arizona is located in the Sonoran Desert. This diverse state is home to the Grand Canyon, one of the top ten most visited national parks in the United States. Arizona is also well known for the striking red rock formations found in Sedona.

Popular old west scenes often depict the iconic saguaro cactus as a symbol of the American southwest.

Travel to Arizona

Travel, visit and explore this awe inspiring state with us. We have added photographs to every place we have visited in Arizona and links to other attractions we have not yet had a chance to visit, but hope to in the future.


arizona vacation

Arizona Vacation Guide